Sunday, June 27, 2010

Parable of the Good...Coward?

We've started a new tradition in the Dominikovich household of family Bible stories on Sunday nights. Paul decided that in order to help the children to concentrate, each night one of them will be given the task of illustrating the story as we go. It's the teacher in him. Little did he know we would be creating for ourselves a little treasure trove of memories. The pictures themselves are fantastic and each week we look forward to seeing another of their creations.

Tonight was Violet's turn and the story was from the Parable of the Good Shepherd. She diligently went about drawing and colouring 100 sheep...until she got to about three and decided one more would do. When it became clear that the girls didn't understand what a shepherd was, Paul tried to put it into context: "You know our friend Dave, who looks after cows? Well, he's not a shepherd but if he looked after sheep he would be." Madeline, our go-to girl for great one-liners, thoughtfully pondered this concept for half a second and then said, "So, he's a COWherd?"

I hope you enjoyed that as much as we did!

Fiddler on the Roof?

Perhaps "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" would be more accurate, although not very hot and certainly as nimble as a cat! This time it's Paul who gets to play with toys: why pay $80.00 to get our chimney swept when we can pay $89.00 to buy the brush and do it ourselves? Rather, for Paul to pay the $ and do it himself. Not sure that he was particularly impressed with the idea, but you can't deny good accounting! Our chimney is on the lowest part of the roof, so really not a problem. And I wasn't the one who suggested he wander up to the peak to check out the view. He quickly discovered however that what goes up, must come down and the former is a lot easier than the latter when it comes to a tin roof!

Meanwhile, safe and snug on ground-level, I got to make a Taranaki-inspired card. I cased this one from my demonstrator, Kim, but changed the colours and the stamps. Hope you like it.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Best Friends and Heartbreak

Picked up my little girl from school yesterday only to be told that her best friend is changing schools and this was her last day. I very quickly tried to explain the situation to Madeline and get her to say good-bye but I'm afraid I made a hash of it. She started to cry and it was the real tears of a girl experiencing a sense of loss for the first time. I consoled her the best I could but I couldn't stop my own tears let alone hers. This was one of those moments that I just wanted to wrap my children in cotton wool and keep them protected from all things hurtful, evil and sad. But we can't do that and every day is another effort at letting go. Haere ra Samantha! You'll be missed.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Toys in the Post

They call it the "stamping bug" and that is absolutely an accurate description. I resisted for ages and then finally gave in at a SU party a couple of months ago. Already, I have amassed quite a collection of "must have" tools, accessories, cardstock, inks, stamps...the list goes on. But all essential stuff and undoubtedly, a serious amount of cash (I haven't added it up, justifiably so). And then I discovered the most amazing supplier of stamps from overseas and I put in my first order at Gina K. Design. The anticipation was similar to what I felt as a child waiting for Christmas. And sure enough, when that parcel arrived, my heart was thudding and I was exclaiming out loud with glee as I opened the envelope. I oohed and ahed for a suitable amount of time before digging in and playing with my stamps. And that's when I figured out why it is such a bug: as adult stampers, we get to play with toys! I can remember as a child pouring over the toy store mailer or the Sears Catalogue for hours and hours. And now, as a stamper, I get to browse catalogues, mark out my wishlist, place said wishlist in an obvious spot for my loved ones to see ("thanks Honey! That's just what I wanted!"), and then play play play to my heart's content. Childhood regained.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An Introduction amidst Sandpit Musings

I have taken the plunge and joined the world of blogging. Yes, I know: my words in print in a new generation's media. What makes me think what I have to say is worth writing about? In short, because my kids are priceless and they say the cutest things. Those little gems of language. The things that make me laugh, and thus far, have made others smile. I know this to be a fact because of my forray into Facebook status postings. I imagine that as my friend ticks that all-important judgement box: "like", they must have a smile on their face. Otherwise, why would they bother?

So a month ago it was this one. My DH said to our DD, "Madeline, when we get home you're going to clean your room. It would be nice if you could try to find your carpet." Madeline: "car-what?" Paul" "Car-PET." Madeline: "Car-PIT? (pause) I don't know what that looks like." Yes Madeline, that is the point.

And this one just today: My son Sam and his best friend were in the sandpit creating great channels and towers and having a very serious conversation which caught my attention. I mused at the end of it, how wonderful it would be to be 8, and the greatest conflict faced is a debate with your friend about whether it was the Israelites or the Egyptians who built the Grand Canyon.

All for tonight. When I figure out this blogging thing I might get venturous with pics.