Saturday, June 26, 2010

Best Friends and Heartbreak

Picked up my little girl from school yesterday only to be told that her best friend is changing schools and this was her last day. I very quickly tried to explain the situation to Madeline and get her to say good-bye but I'm afraid I made a hash of it. She started to cry and it was the real tears of a girl experiencing a sense of loss for the first time. I consoled her the best I could but I couldn't stop my own tears let alone hers. This was one of those moments that I just wanted to wrap my children in cotton wool and keep them protected from all things hurtful, evil and sad. But we can't do that and every day is another effort at letting go. Haere ra Samantha! You'll be missed.

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  1. Madeline could maintain contact if you know the mum of the other little girl. With the internet no one has to lose contact. I still remember my best friend from gr 1 - 4 who moved away after parents divorced. I think of her every year on her birthday and have tried to find her. A good reason also for Madeline to start writing letters!