Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Toys in the Post

They call it the "stamping bug" and that is absolutely an accurate description. I resisted for ages and then finally gave in at a SU party a couple of months ago. Already, I have amassed quite a collection of "must have" tools, accessories, cardstock, inks, stamps...the list goes on. But all essential stuff and undoubtedly, a serious amount of cash (I haven't added it up, justifiably so). And then I discovered the most amazing supplier of stamps from overseas and I put in my first order at Gina K. Design. The anticipation was similar to what I felt as a child waiting for Christmas. And sure enough, when that parcel arrived, my heart was thudding and I was exclaiming out loud with glee as I opened the envelope. I oohed and ahed for a suitable amount of time before digging in and playing with my stamps. And that's when I figured out why it is such a bug: as adult stampers, we get to play with toys! I can remember as a child pouring over the toy store mailer or the Sears Catalogue for hours and hours. And now, as a stamper, I get to browse catalogues, mark out my wishlist, place said wishlist in an obvious spot for my loved ones to see ("thanks Honey! That's just what I wanted!"), and then play play play to my heart's content. Childhood regained.

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Gina K! LOL! I got bit by that bug about 3 years ago now...and still suffering from it...I dont think there is a cure!...or...I dont want there to be one, haha! Looking forward to seeing your creations!