Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crafting and Constructing in the School Holidays

We have turned our house upside down for teeny tiny bits of Lego, in order to re-create the police station, the jail, the police transport truck, the service station and a number of other vehicles. And it's not Sam who's doing the re-creating. With no 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle to keep him happy, Paul has turned to Lego--and I suspect, discovering the boy within.

In the meantime, we've learned that Violet, Abigail and Madeline are all equally creative and capable with Lego. If you know our girls you will nod your head when I say that Madeline can follow instructions and diagrams almost perfectly, Violet will try to follow instructions with less success but still end up with an interesting result, and Abigail will do her own thing to come up with something wildly unpredictable. Very cool to have three girls so close in age to see how different they can be. Wait, did I just say that? The photo of Madeline was taken by Sam, so doesn't really show the extent of the castle she had built. The photo of Abigail is from last night, where she painstakingly (over an hour) set up the Risk board with all the tiny figures placed on continents according to colour. That's our girl.

And Sam has become the master of designing his own paper-craft creations. He'll draw, cut, glue and cello-tape bits of paper together and suddenly, he has a 3-dimensional object in front of him. The other day it was a fire bucket made out of cardboard around a wagon (even seam-sealed to hold the water) and today it was an ambulance. Not just an ambulance but a Life Line ambulance complete with little wheels. I was impressed.

Finally, I have had a blissfully relaxing day making more cards. I am working on my watercolouring technique as well as sponging and layering. I'm getting better but the main thing is, when I sit down at my desk to put my bits and pieces together into a little piece of art, the chaos and clutter in the house wonderfully disappears.

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