Monday, July 19, 2010

From Mountain to Surf

Sam and Abby sledding down Mt. Taranaki

Madeline on the slopes

Violet and Abigail

Grandma helping out

Cheeky kids

Sam at the beach by the Links subdivision. He had a fantastic time throwing stones and exploring the dunes. Could have stayed there forever, our Sam.

The kids with Grandma and Grandad on the beach at high tide.

Violet, Abigail and Madeline, watching the powerful waves and listening to the rumble rumble of the water rolling over the stones. Magic.

Sam with Grandma and Grandad on the walkway with Te Maunga in the background.

Te Rewa Rewa bridge and Mt Taranaki. Either a whalebone or a breaking wave.

We've had the most fantastic weather in the second week of the school holidays. Monday started out with a visit to our friend's farm in Tariki. Unfortunately I lacked the foresight to grab the camera because the kids had a ball playing with a little tugboat down at her stream. Sam discovered that if he let it go at the bridge it would make it's way to the waterfall and then it was all excitement, trying to catch the boat at the bottom before it went down the next waterfall which was also the point of no return. Much excitement also when Madeline was nearly knocked into the water by Blaze, the Labrador!

Tuesday came with the arrival of Grandma and Grandad. Much enthusiasm in the van on the way home from the airport! Poor Grandma, sandwiched between the very very very hyper twins. Wednesday dawned lovely again and we had a fantastic walk on the foreshore walkway, heading north as far as we could go from Te Rewa Rewa bridge. We found a little beach by The Links and headed down for a picnic. The tide was right in with waves crashing on the stones but we were sheltered from the southerly. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring and watching the waves. I could have stayed there forever listening to the sound of the waves rolling over the stones.

Thursday's pristine conditions called for a trip up the mountain. Unfortunately we didn't get further than the Mountain House due to the icy road--no chains and only 2-wheel drive, so not worth the risk. The children found a little walk and enjoyed sledding on the icy slopes so it was still worthwhile.
All in all, a most excellent winter holiday spent at home. Now we're just left asking ourselves, "why does it have to end?"

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