Friday, July 23, 2010

Jump Jam, Mass and The Lone Star Cafe

Although we have loved St. Pat's since first enrolling a year ago, Sam has had a couple of difficulties, namely with Mass and more recently, Jump Jam. He loves church but his problem with Mass was all the stand up, sit down, going forward for a blessing, and generally not being sure what to do. He also has this thing with people looking at him. Same issues with Jump Jam: he felt everyone would be watching him try to do the moves and ultimately mess up. He was desperately afraid of everyone laughing at him.

The teachers have been very patient with Sam but we all realised something needed to be done when he started to disrespect the Mass and try to get out of it. A lot of effort, both at school and at home went into getting him to participate and finally, at the end of last term, he went through Mass with the other children. We were so proud of him, but being parents with expectations, we said, "right Sam, now it's Jump Jam. If you can do Jump Jam as well as Mass, we'll take the whole family out for dinner." He didn't have an opportunity that week and then it was holidays. When school started back this week, naturally I had forgotten all about Jump Jam and Sam's challenge. But Sam didn't. I showed up on Wednesday to see the girls at Little Shamrocks and Sam's friend Zaydyn spotted me: "Guess what Sam's doing?!" he said with a big grin on his face. Uh oh. What is it this time? "He's doing Jump Jam!" Zaydyn and I conspired to make sure that Sam didn't see me as I was sure that would put him off. Opportunity presented itself however, to peak through the window once the music started playing. There was our Sam, jumping and moving and crossing his arms back and forth like the other children. Turns out, it wasn't even a big deal. "I'm going to do it next week too." We kept our promise though: The Lone Star Cafe for six tonight. Thanks Sam! It was awesome and a lot of fun.

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