Saturday, July 10, 2010

Roots: Canadian ones that is.

Sam and Madeline got to stay up late last night after a big sleep in the afternoon so Paul got out a jigsaw for us to work on together. The kids did a fantastic job sorting through the colours and then putting together the provinces: it was a geography lesson as well as an activity of course. You can see them proudly pointing to Vancouver Island saying "this is where we're going at Christmas," although they are pointing to the top of the island, which is probably a distance much like Bluff to Nelson. "Wow, Canada is so big Mum!" Yes, it is.


  1. It would be cool to collect photos of all the relatives and make an overlay to the puzzle so they could know names and places. I will try and post the Flat Stanley album I did for Aunty Vi's grandson, Nickolas, to FB. I tried to put names and places together. Your mom and dad are in it.

  2. Very cool idea! The puzzle came with a big map so if I could find a wall (so many windows!) I could put that up and sort of find a way to pin the photos to it--or pin and string. Otherwise, there'd be nothing left of Vancouver Island let alone Winnipeg. I'll work on it.