Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Curls and Titanic

Sam posing for a photo during his Titanic Speech

Abigail and Violet: Too cute in curls

The girls wanted to look like Breeze and Skyler (the cutest little blond, curly-haired twins at Kindy), so I complied, braiding their hair Saturday night. I didn't know how they'd manage to sit still, but in actual fact, they were so good it was a bit of bonding time. Anyway, next morning and I was not allowed to take out the plaits, under any circumstances. Finally got there today. At first the girls just giggled at themselves but learned to love the look. Won't be doing it every day though.
And our Sam, Year 4 speech champion at St. Pat's for 2010. His speech is on Titanic--following his disaster fetish from last year (Mt. Ruepehu and the lahar which took out the train bridge, etc etc--if you want details, ask Sam!). He lost his mojo and I had to ask the teacher to give him an extra day. Thankfully, he got it back and did a brilliant job--even spoke with expression and made the class laugh. He will be the youngest of 6 in the speech finals Thursday night, competing against the big kids of the school. Good experience and I know he'll continue to make us proud.

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