Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daffodil Day Colouring in Competition

Today after Little Shamrocks Violet told me how she, Abigail and Olive Rose won a competition, but couldn't tell me what the competition was. I thought maybe there were more chair aerobics happening and they were the most cooperative? Or perhaps some cross country practise? It all became clear when Paul sat down after tea to read the Moa Mail, our local rag. "Abigail!" He called out, "You've won the colouring competition! And Violet, you're second equal with Olive Rose." Sure enough, there it was "4 yrs: 1st Abigail Dominikovich St. Patrick's, 2nd = Violet Dominikovich/Olive Rose Whitmore, St. Patrick's." They were pretty chuffed! And I must admit to some maternal pride here: Abigail is an outstanding colourer and it is really nice to see her recognised and awarded. She is extremely deliberate and patient. And a big thanks and thumbs up to Mrs Nielsen for entering them in the competition in the first place.

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