Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jump Jam Part 2 and a New Friend

They do say that wonders never cease. Sam's teacher caught me at the end of the day and said, "Guess what?" very excitedly. I thought, hmmm, sunny day, they must have finally had a rendezvous with a KiwiRail train. No, "Sam led Jump Jam!" Pardon me, did I hear that right? "Yes, he led one of the songs with the seniors. Stood up at the front with everyone watching him and did all the actions."

Stood up at the front with everyone watching him and did all the actions.


Followers of my blog will know that it wasn't that long ago that Sam refused to have anything to do with Jump Jam. It involved loud music and performing bodily actions, both of which are a no go as far he's concerned. You don't ask Sam to sing. You certainly don't ask him to dance. What you need to understand is this is not a simple stubborness for Sam: he has been this way since a tiny tot. To think of the years I dragged him to mainly music which was no less than torture for him.

Now the question is, has he worked us out and he wants another family dinner to the Lone Star? Or is it, in fact, that he would do anything for his teacher, Mrs. P? I'm inclined to think the latter because she certainly is one of those rare finds, an absolute gem.

Sam's reward in this case was out of our hands: he has a new friend. A family from school with a really nice boy in Sam's class has just moved right around the corner from us. Sam couldn't wait to get home from school today so he could walk the dog: it turned out he was casing the joint, and told me he saw the vehicles but no one was outside. Reading between the lines I asked him if he would in fact like to go ask Elijah to come over and play (aside: it doesn't seem that long ago that I was the little girl doing the asking!). Off he ran again, big smile on his face, even bigger when he returned with Elijah in tow. Seems Elijah is a Lego fan. Match made in heaven. Literally. :)