Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sam's 9th Birthday Part 1

Sam setting up his Lego Mousetrap game with Zaydyn, Elijah and Joseph. Sisters looking on.
Eating pizzas (no pics of pizza-making: too busy!)

Lego Brick Cake. No comment (kids liked it!)

Violet, Abigail and Elijah looking on.

Who's blowing out those candles anyway?
In preparation for Sam's 9th birthday, we gave him a myriad of activities we could take him and a small group of friends to. His choice: a bonfire and sleep-over at home. Our response was, "Sam, have you seen the weather lately?" and he assured us it was all he really wanted to do. It has rained every day in September, without fail. And today even, we had some rain. But wouldn't you know it, Paul's outside right now at 7:45 in the evening, building a fire in the brazier with four very happy (and silly, I must say) boys looking on. God is good, isn't He?
My job was the pizzas and the cake. For the rest of the evening, Paul is in charge. The boys are roasting marshmallows now, followed by games on the wii and then a movie: The Princess Bride, while all tucked into their sleeping bags in the lounge. My girls are in bed and I get to play on my computer or make cards to my heart's content. Good choice Sam. And good friends too, I must add.

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