Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tree Climbing after Cluster Cross Country

Yup, this is the right sized footstool


Got it! Now, hanging time.

Legs up the trunk...

UP UP...

And hang! Monkey time.

Did it Mum!

Madeline and Sam ran in the Inglewood Cluster Cross Country yesterday and did very well. Both ran the whole way and were puffed at the end. Madeline came a creditable ninth out of all the 5-year old Inglewood girls and was so overwhelmed, she burst into tears at the finish line. However, despite being absolutely spent, later that afternoon at home she found a new challenge. Something got stuck up the Willow Tree and after working out how to get it down, Madeline stood looking at the tree for ages. Being the little monkey that she is, I could see the plan she was cooking so grabbed the camera. Sure enough, she went and found a small log for a foot stool and was able to reach with a little jump to grab the limb of the tree. The photos above show the steps she went through to get herself to hang in delight off the branch.

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