Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kitty Kitty Eyes at East End Beach

Looking for treasure in the rock pools

Madeline showing Abby the Cat's Eyes

See? Cat's eyes!

Sam and Daddy exploring the waterline

Abigail exploring on her own.

Abby's pile of Kitty Kitty eyes

Madeline and Daddy at the waterline

Sam constructing dams in the sand (naturally!)

Violet and Sam

Mummy and Madeline going exploring

We woke to another fabulous spring day this morning and decided our beautiful children deserved an outing. The reserve at East End Beach was beckoning! We started out at the river mouth, playing with rocks and shells, eating our lunch and fording across to the sand dunes on the other side. We moved on to a little play on the playground and then decided that God's natural playground at the beach was much more tempting. The tide was right out and the rock pools held promises of treasure. Mussles were aplenty and then some tiny little things that Madeline asserted with great confidence were Cat's eyes, having done a sea study at school. Sam, having also done a sea study at school wasn't so sure of the feline nature of these creatures, but bless him, he kept his doubts to himself. The search was on for crabs and star fish; alas, not a single one to be found! Paul and I took turns venturing out to the waterline with the children and I noticed that Abigail was the most content playing by herself in a pool. When I asked her what she was doing, she said, "collecting Kitty Kitty eyes." I wonder if they'll still be doing a sea study at St. Pat's when Abby goes to school.

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