Monday, October 4, 2010

Tariki Farm Visit

First a disclaimer: I still have to put up Sam's birthday Part 2 but the photos are on another memory card which I have misplaced for the time-being. I'm sure I'll remember where it is at some point, but for now, life goes on.
This is the second week of the September/October School Holidays and I can finally say with certainty that spring has sprung. We have had three days of glorious sunshine and I think everyone in Taranaki has been out walking their dog or in their garden...or most likely both! I had the pleasure of taking the kids to visit a friend and her two children in Tariki who live on a farm with a stream. We had a fantastic visit last July and it was a priority to do it Well, at last, weather permitted and off we went with our gumboots and camera in tow. Annelise has a fantastic playground for the kids, both man-made and natural. The children love the see-saw and sandpit, the bikes and the building toys (can't remember the Danish word for them!) but they also love trekking through the pastures, climbing the giant felled tree and ultimately, throwing boats down the waterfall and seeing them float down the stream, catching them at the bottom. It was a magic day and it was really only Annelise who got wet, so rather successful too.

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