Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Buster's First Professional Clip

Buster got a haircut today. For the first two years of his life he's had to deal with me and a pair of very sharp scissors. Fine around the face but not so good around the you know what! Well, one day our lovely neighbours were having their dog groomed and the mobile dog service popped into our driveway thinking Buster was Roxie. She's a terrier and he's a Spoodle, but anyway, you could forgive the mistake. Or, was it actually a cunning plan? Because sure enough, after a brief chat, he had our business. Best $60.00 I ever spent! What they could do in half an hour with a set of clippers compared with what I could do with a pair of scissors...and the results speak for themselves. Yes, the kids came home and first asked what I had done with Buster and where did I get the shaved lamb, and then laughed and laughed when they discovered it was indeed Buster. But ultimately, a very happy and admittedly skinnier dog. And, as I always say after I cut the kids' hair, "it'll grow back...won't it?"
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