Friday, November 12, 2010

An Unusual Bookmark

I just discovered this in my kitchen. I do recall this morning, rushing around to get the children ready for school that Madeline was looking for a bookmark. Apparently she had been read "Green Eggs and Ham" to her sisters and needed to mark her spot. Bless. And this really is a continuation of a great achievement for Madeline: on the weekend I was woken early early to the sound of "Mum! I can read "Green Eggs and Ham!" That's nice dear, now go back to bed. How wonderful though, that the world of books is opening up to our little girl and even more wonderful to see her so excited about it. We already have Sam, nine, reading a chapter book a night and working through as many Rauld Dahl's as he can find. We may be living in an electronic age but nothing will replace the magic of reading a good book in bed.
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