Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Trees and Gingerbread on Day 3

All 8 Mackey Grandchildren at mum and dad's house.

The combined Mackey creation--a Canadian Gingerbread house with a few Kiwi additions

Building our house

Madeline and her gingerbread man

Gingerbread men in progress

A group of us on the Inner Harbour on a beautiful day outside the Laurel Point Inn

Canadian Gingerbread Harrod's. Yes, it is made entirely of gingerbread.

Another house, even more elaborate

Dominikovich family on the Inner Harbour, Victoria

Cousin Megan with the girls at the Harbour. Okay, it was a very nice spot and deserved several photos!

Christmas Tree Walk at the Empress Hotel

This post is primarily for my Inglewood friends: look what we did today! A Christmas tree walk in downtown Victoria at the Empress Hotel! The difference was, well, a hang of a lot more trees, but also that they didn't black it out...which was a good thing I think because you could see all of the decorations without straining the eyes. It was a beautiful setting and our family was joined by friends the Nordstroms, Stewarts, and some cousins. We then walked/drove along the harbour in downtown Victoria to the Laurel Point Inn where we first stopped for some photos along the water. It was a stunningly beautiful day with even some heat in the sun (still raining over there?). We dragged ourselves (actually, just Sam) away from the raising and lowering of the Johnson Street Bridge to go see some gingerbread houses on display. Again, this is for my lovely Kiwi friends, to show for once and for all, that gingerbread making is indeed a Canadian thing. Some pretty incredible edible talent on display.

By the time we were through the displays it was nearly mid-day so we headed back to the grandie's house for some incredible edible talent of our own. My sister-in-law was waiting for us with the kids' two cousins to decorate some men and houses together. My sister's girls were also there and Grandpa was very quick to seize the photo opportunity of all the kidlets together. It was indeed special to see them bond so quickly and work together on their projects. Everyone was pretty impressed that the kids waited until the houses were finished and only then did they ask if they could eat some lollies. The pineapple lumps and jaffas were a hit by the way. A brief visit with my brother after he finished work made the afternoon pretty perfect.

Which was followed by a fun evening of dinner at the Nordstrom's with the Stewarts. They each have three children so with our clan added to the mix, it was a pretty full house. A fantastic playroom came in handy and the children were wonderful together. (mental note, one thing I'm going to take away from this trip is the need to get more organised at home: modular storage appears to be the key.) A lovely visit and it is no surprise that the children went straight to sleep tonight. I'm not far behind.

Tomorrow holds more excitement: the children are going ice skating with Paul and friends. I am going to decline the opportunity in order to get some things done (and to be honest, sometimes a girl's got to say, "enough is enough!") Better still, tomorrow is our 15th wedding anniversary and Paul and I will be celebrating at the Sidney Pier and Spa hotel. Dinner, massage, a room for the night. Needless to say, I won't be blogging tomorrow night!

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  1. awww sounds like your having an awesome time. was 27 here today and lovely and sunny, all blue skies, hopefully we back to normal summer weather.. enjoy your night tomorrow night :)