Friday, December 17, 2010

Paul's 40th BBQ in the Rain

The Cake made by Sheryl Hamilton

I presented Paul with a photo-book of his first 40 years and the guests each signed it for him.

Bridget, Joy, Del

Joy, Liz, Del, Janis, Margaret

The kids table--I couldn't even fit them all in my photo. Must have been nearly 20 children eating in my lounge. The carpet under their table was unbelievably spotless. Not sure how they did that! Then I discovered the bedrooms...

Michelle, Sarah, Andrew, Scott

Friends gathering over good food and good conversation

Helen, Mark, Jen

What's a fork or two among friends anyway? My head was so full of stuff these last weeks, and because not everyone RSVP'd to Paul's party, I had no idea how many to expect. I did think ahead to borrow SOME forks and knives from a friend but we could have done with more...and then there were the spoons. Thank goodness for Penny who showed up with plastic spoons for her dessert! Our bbq was soggy but a few hardy blokes braved the elements to keep the birthday boy company and with a baked ham and a plethora of salads, plus cake and desserts we were very happy partiers. It was a great occassion and speaking for Paul I know that he is feeling very blessed to have so many good friends.

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