Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shopping and Swimming on day 2

After being wide awake counting numerous sheep last night, I was pushed and prodded out of bed at 8:30. The kids were still asleep and Paul was the one pushing and prodding. Jumped in the shower and joined my sister and parents for a coffee downstairs before our pre-arranged shopping trip. Wasn't long before the boot (trunk--do as the Romans...) of Dad's Town and Country was full to the brim of goodies. Mostly for the kids but a few little treats for myself and Paul. I've discovered which shops to avoid and which ones I must return to...soon...:) Mum treated us to lunch at Red Robin and I had a Club House sandwich and refillable ice tea. Copious trips the restroom later and we finally finished our shopping...7 hours after starting.

Meanwhile, Paul took the kids to the pools with our Niece Megan and some friends. Paul was reaquainted with over-zealous protocol in Canadian pools ("Excuse me Sir, you need to be within arm's reach of your children!"). I'm guessing that means if it weren't for Megan helping out, he would have needed three arms. Or perhaps if he could just be one of those elastic men and could stretch himself to go in three different directions...but anway, then when it came to the slides, apparently he wasn't allowed to go down with the children (how does the arm's reach rule apply there?) and so he had to convince the girls to go down by themselves. Naturally, the first thing I heard when I arrived home was, "Mum, MUM! I went down the slide!" times three. Very cool. And they had a blast with their new friends Noah, Maia and Markus, and I think there may have been some others there, but as yet, Paul and I still have some catching up to do.

I forgot to blog yesterday: a quiet day at the house with the grandparents and then a fabulous meal with our friends and a great visit while the children played together.

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