Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunset on St. Patrick's Prize-giving

What a blessing, our little school and parish on Standish Street, Inglewood. What a thoroughly enjoyable mass and prize-giving, and what a perfect send-off for the year 8 students going off to high school next year. The magnificent sunset over the maunga was a poignant end to a wonderful night.
We were pleasantly surprised to see our two little Shamrock's recognised this evening. We were very proud to see Sam receive a certificate for leadership in his role in the student council this year. And Madeline was the first student called up for the Catholic Character Award, being the year 1 student displaying all the virtues of the school. She received her first Bible, which is such a blessing because she's been so very interested in reading this year. Mrs. Theyer's paid a fitting tribute to the three leaving year 8 students and capped off the evening with a video album of photos throughout the year, to the tune of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Fantastic. The tears were streaming down my face and I still get choked up thinking about it. All the children then received their reports for the year and a gift from Mrs. Theyer's, a touch-screen solar calculator which was "very cool." And finally, before supper in the hall, another special treat for all the children in the shape of a Mr. Kool van waiting for them outside. Again, fantastic.
I continue to be overwhelmingly grateful for this fabulous little school, but especially to God for opening up my eyes to the fact that a change was needed and this change would be good. Not just good though. In a word: fantastic.

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