Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fitzroy Beach to Lift the Spirits

Paul and I were feeling a little flat today, despite great efforts to pick ourselves up with a bit of weeding and mowing the lawns. Okay, "flat" is an understatement. I've been listening to Johnny Cash's "Hurt" all day, and the only reason I didn't go for my daily walk with Buster is because I couldn't manage to get the song from my laptop onto my i-pod. After a little snooze to the chorus of the lawnmowers in the neighbourhood along with my Johnny fix, I finally decided, that's it: time to do something about this state of mind of mine. Off we went to Fitzroy Beach with the kids. It was late afternoon and the tide was out, or coming in, or something like that. Good enough for the boogy boards and all the children had a go. Yes, they all had a tumble head over heals in the water and yes the squeals of delight were sometimes mixed with screams of terror, but they always got back on the board. I was so proud of them for giving it a go, and so pleased to see them all having such fantastic fun with their dad in the water. Me, well, I was happy to squelch my toes into the muddy sand on the shoreline and watch their revelry. And while I was watching, I kept reminding myself, isn't it wonderful that we can have a day at the beach without packing a whole bag of snacks and another bag of inflatables, not to mention trying to change nappies on the hot black blowing sand. After washing the children off in the cold showers and then a little swim in the unheated paddling pool by the playground, Violet asked, "WWhhhat does it mmmmean that I'm shshshsaking so mmmuch?" I must admit, her lips were a little blue. Nothing that a good bit of Domino's Pizza on the way home couldn't fix. Now the kids are happily in bed, and isn't it funny, Johnny Cash hasn't even crossed my mind.

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