Thursday, March 31, 2011

Girls' 5th Birthday and 1st Day of School

That was then...four under five

Violet and Abigail Abigil a few hours old
Violet when she was born

This is now...four kids at school

Proud mum with her brood

My gorgeous St. Pat's kids

Abigail and Violet with their scooters from Grandma and Grandpa
Violet going for a spin

Abigail--just a bit pleased with her scooter


Knickers! What a joke that was!

Great time for presents!

Wow. We made it. I remember the shock of being pregnant again when Madeline was only a few months old. By the time we went for our 19 week scan we were finally excited with the anticipation of another baby...that was until the technician said delightedly, "Oh, there's the head and shoulders of one baby...." I'll never forget that moment. I laughed and laughed in disbelief until I cried.

March 31st 2006 came along, I was 38 weeks pregnant and I had twisted my ankle badly a few days earlier so some lovely people from the community were bringing us some meals. That night was Shelley Farr's salad and spagh bo. I didn't get far. The contractions started around 6 pm, just as we were sitting down and we put our midwife on alert. Madeline was only 15 months old and Sam was four so we had prearranged for Kayvon, also a mother of twins, to come around. We knew with my history that once things got going we had to move. Sure enough, our first baby girl was born naturally and perfectly at the hospital shortly after 8 that evening, thanks to our fantastic midwife Belinda. The specialist was called in as part of the routine for the birth of the second baby, who we knew was lying in a breech position. Despite some oxytocin to turn up my contractions, the baby wasn't going anywhere and I was prepped for a caesarian. Our second girl was born some time after 9 pm, much to our surprise because we were certain we would have a boy and a girl until shortly before when we thought to ourselves, it could be two boys. We never considered two girls, and it took us a few hours to decide not only on the names, but which was which.

And here we are, four little kids off to school, looking rather smart in their St. Patrick's uniforms. And I hardly have time to contemplate the hugeness of this moment, being rather busy today at two schools, getting ready for two weeks full-time work starting on Monday. I've had over nine years at home looking after pre-schoolers. The last year or so I've finally been able to "do something for me" and create new interests such as card-making, walking, and of course, blogging. In recent months, with the 5th birthday looming, I've had increasingly itchy feet. The desire to get out of the house and contribute in some way has been strong and I've only had to try to figure out in which direction I should go. Things have a way of working out though and I don't think much "figuring" will take place. It's just going to happen.

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