Monday, March 28, 2011

Last Day at Inglewood Playcentre

The bowl given to me by Inglewood Playcentre

Carmen presenting me with a gift and card
Abigail and Violet cutting their cake

Girls pleased with the beautiful cake that Maree made for them

A side for each with 5 candles to blow

Maree's cake for Violet and Abigail

Abigail and Violet leading their last Karakia

And so begins a series of "lasts" for the girls and me. On Thursday last week they had their last day at Rainbow childcare. This was a momentous event, reminding me of how I knocked on their door before they had even opened, saying, "Please help! I have three girls under three!" They have attended one day a week ever since, which served not only as a sanity break for me but gave me the opportunity to plan and oversee the build of our house.

This morning we enjoyed our last session at Inglewood Playcentre. As Carmen pointed out, we have been involved with Playcentre off and on for nine years, since Sam was a little tacker. I rediscovered my love for Playcentre again when I rocked up with the girls, again saying, "Please help! I have three girls under three!" I will be forever grateful for the support and encouragement I received from the kind and wonderful people at the centre. I hope they have enjoyed watching my girls blossom into the confident, cheeky, independent, creative girls that they are today. The highlight for me has been seeing their creativity grow, especially in their paintings. I have enjoyed observing the progression from dabbing the paint onto the paper, to brushing all over with different colours, to more recently, creating stories and symbols on the paper with their brushes.

The occassion was marked for Abigail and Violet by a presentation of their portfolios as well as a cake and party at morning tea. I was truly humbled by the presentation of a card and gift for me--I wanted to protest that I've been a taker much more than I've been a giver at Playcentre. But then when I look at the beautiful bowl I am reminded of the children's paintings and their time at Playcentre. It will be forever treasured. Thanks for the special times, Inglewood Playcentre.

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  1. I would love to come and spend time at Inglewood Playcentre. I am inspired by the philosophy of Reggio Emilia schools in Italy. From your descriptions of Inglewood it sounds like it should have its own following of inspired educators. Questions... is it a private one of a kind situation or is this kind of environment typical of NZ? Has anyone written of their programs in professional journals that we could refer to? As I write this many people I know have made the trek to Italy this week for a study tour... I would like to study in NZ!! Best wishes to all as Abigail and Violet start their next educational adventure.