Monday, April 4, 2011

A Good Day at Work but Completely Exhausted

The day dawned early for the Dominikovich family, due to Daylight Savings going back the day before. Handy timing since it was my first day back teaching and we had to be super-duper organised. Four school bags were all packed and sitting like soldiers by the back door, each with a pair of shoes and a school jersey ready to go. We had oodles of time but at least there was no stress. The children took it all in their stride and didn't even fight over where they would sit in the van. The hardest part for me was dropping them off at the school gate in the misty rain, knowing that I couldn't go in with them in order to see them each settled into their rooms. "It's just short-term, only 2 weeks," I kept reminding myself through gritted teeth. I missed saying hello to all the other children I've come to know at St. Pat's as well. And then there was the too-short drive up Kelly Street to the high school. I found a park easily enough and walked confidently into the staffroom to find that morning briefing had already started. It didn't really matter though because most of what they said was a jumble to me . Found my keys from the HOD and made my way to room 19 to greet my first class, Year 11 Communication English. A small class and on the whole nice kids so it was a good start. They were followed by Year 10 PL, a top academic class who are working on creative writing. Some cheek in that class but really good kids and I was delighted to hear the exclamations as they exited, "I actually learned something today!" Morning tea was followed by the mixed ability Year 10 and again, good kids who shouldn't cause me many problems. I had a free period before lunch so slipped away to have lunch at home and let Buster around. Feeling rather pleased with myself I went back for fifth period: a mixed ability year 9. Hmmm. Mixed ability with a very low end. All my management techniques will have to come into play with this class, although I am hoping it was a bit of a fifth period blip. The teacher's aide encouraged me with, "You did well! They were much better than usual." Really? My work is cut out for me. And that was my day. Not bad really. Oh, and then it was home time for a chat and cuppa with Jen who had picked up the kids for me. And after she let, well, that's when the real work started: dinner, homework x 4, bags packed, lunches x 4, kids to bed, on-line grocery shop, dishes, prepare for tomorrow's classes as well as my volunteer work at St. Pat's. I'm about half-way through that list so better get to it so I can actually get to bed. I haven't been this exhausted in a long time. And it's only Monday. Good grief.

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