Saturday, May 28, 2011

When I Lie Awake at Night

When I lie awake at night, or worse cry myself to sleep, it is for a boy. A boy with an incredible spirit and imagination who cannot easily fit into this world of ours. A boy who cannot tolerate loud or suprising noises and has to cover his ears and even shakes at the thought that a bell might ring. A boy who is so gentle and nurturing with toddlers and babies yet cannot control his anger when provoked by his peers. And at the moment, it doesn't take much to provoke him. He is dealing with a looming change and his world has turned upside down. Where once he was singing in assembly, he is now cowering with his ears plugged, grimacing at every high note or clap. Where once there was progress (so much progress!) there is now regression. That alone is what keeps me awake at night, when my musings turn to prayers. Thankfully, that same boy has an incredible faith and I know in my heart of hearts that is what will get him through it. Still, the tears come.

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