Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Kiss from a Rose and Klimt Musings

Tired of Adam Lambert to clean by this morning, I rifled through my dusty cds and found an old favourite, Seal. Music and scents: they both have the power to take you back to another time and place entirely. As soon as the electronic chords of "A Kiss from a Rose" rang out, I was in the basement suite (flat) I shared with my roomate Rachel on West 10th Avenue in Vancouver. We were absolutely dead-pan broke, cooking things like legumes because we couldn't afford meat. The only nice things we had in the flat were a two-seater sofa (I had a chair crisis even then!) and a print of Klimt's "The Kiss" on one wall. And of course Rachel's stereo. Music played constantly but I would also listen out for the welcome flutter and thud of a thick letter from Paul coming through the mail slot. I was putting myself through Grad School wanting to be a counsellor and Rachel was saving/studying to sit the LSAT. We're both mothers and teachers now. She's working in Vancouver and I'm...unemployed in New Zealand. I guess that's true: with all my children at school I can't really rely on my stay-at-home-mum status anymore. Better get back to cleaning then.

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