Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mokau Beach Holiday Day 3

Abby's ABCs

She got to the end and asked us how to spell "and," then she asked, "now how do you spell now I know my abcs, won't you come and sing with me." Needless to say, we moved on.

Abby baking bread in the hut

Family photo in the hut

This was our last full day in Paradise. The weather has been absolutely stunning and we have thoroughly enjoyed days in the sun, gorgeous sunsets and crisp mornings. And I have enjoyed time in bed, reading and watching BBC dvds while trying unsuccessfully to get over this bug. I hate to harp on about being sick while on holiday but it is rather uncanny that I haven't been sick for ages and ages and I get struck just days before we go away. But when I think back to the last months since the twins turned five and how quickly those months have flown by, I realise that I really have never stopped. It's only a wonder that I didn't get sick sooner. However, the holiday was mainly about a break for Paul and he's certainly had that: the dining room table on which we were supposed to eat our dinner is now home to several puzzles, all of which are not completed. Not Paul's fault, but the fault of missing pieces. However, no way of knowing that until the puzzle is completed. He's puzzle-mad, that husband of mine. Anyway, I digress. We ventured to the river and the beach again today, this time consumed by making sand creations and shell sculptures. The tide was heading out, the sun was warm and we were pleased to see the hut from yesterday still standing. A group photo was necessary. And tomorrow we must pack up and leave, heading back to Taranaki for more adventures at home. Still 1 1/2 weeks of holidays left and surely I'll be better soon. Surely. I'm counting on it.

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