Monday, July 18, 2011

Winter Mokau Beach Holiday Day 1

At the top of our accessway to the river

Violet and Abigail

Sam and Madeline at the Mokau River

The waterfall we discovered

The girls, aka the Drama-Queens

Reminiscent of our beach time on Vancouver Island in December...except a whole lot warmer

Madeline's shell rings

Walking to the beach

Not a bit cold

I was the smart one behind the camera

Me and the kids with a view of home in the background

Mt. Taranaki


After dropping off Paul's parents at New Plymouth airport for their flight to Christchurch, we headed off on our holiday caravan style. By that I mean that Paul was in his car with the older two, while the twins and I followed along in our stereo-less courtesy car, bopping along to the Cranberries and Jason Castro care of Paul's cellphone. We had to take two cars on holiday, seeing as my van had a prang (entirely someone else's fault--and someone else's insurance thankfully) last week. Two cars for six people does seem like a bit of overkill but the holiday was booked and we knew we had some fantastic weather ahead of us.

We arrived at 13 Point Street, Mokau, just after mid-day. After exploring our bach and a quick bite of lunch, the children discovered there was a path from our backyard down to the Mokau River. We went on a little trek as a family, finding a waterfall and cave at the end of the line and then following the river in the other direction down to the beach. The waves were fantastic for jumping and dodging (or not--very wet children) and the beach was full of driftwood for hut-building. I should have thought to pack togs but who knew it would be this warm in July? The water certainly wasn't warm, but it didn't seem to bother anyone.

Back to the bach for some late afternoon down time: bach dvds for the kids, a nap for Paul (who did say something about a puzzle a few minutes ago, but now I hear him snoring) and blogging time for me. Unfortunately I have come down with a bit of a flu or something the last few days. All aches and pains in my head and back and a very sore throat. If I can manage to rest it off, I'm looking forward to an evening of wine and holiday food: a quick easy tea for the kids and maybe some mussels and yummy cheeses for us when they've gone to bed. If not tonight, then certainly tomorrow night.

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